Max Studio 是我很愛的牌子之一; 他們的洋裝很能呈現女性最浪漫的優雅氣息。現在夏季洋裝對折以上哦~ 來看看小女人挑了哪些小洋裝?

CRINKLE SILK CHIFFON EMBROIDERED DRESS $246; 打折價$98 (see above photo)

Details like: rows of hand-crafted rosettes, embroidered edging, shirring and two-panel tie in the back make this crinkled silk chiffon dress precious and vintage looking. The diaphanous silk is super soft and has lots of romantic movement at the hemline, so twirl and dance in it as much as you can!

SPANDEX MATTE JERSEY CAMI DRESS $116;  打折價$58 ( see above photo)

This little black dress is the cutest thing to wear from day to date! It has baby ruffles, criss-cross embroidery, an always-flattering empire shape and lots of flirty movement. The stretch jersey fabric is super soft and wrinkle-proof. Wear this over skinny leg jeans or with tights and demi-boots.


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